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Compare your Rates to SNFs and Home Care Around the Country

Danielle Greely, Office Coordinator at Boyd and Nicholas in Rohnert Park, California sent me this comparison of nursing home rates, home health aide rates, and homemaker rates at various locations around the country. Thought you’d find this useful.

Average Daily/Hourly Rates in the 10 Highest and 10 Lowest-Cost Markets

Market Nursing Facility (Single Room) Home Health Care Aide Homemaker/Companion

Highest Cost
Alaska $531/day $22/hr. $20/hr.
Stamford, Conn. $348/day $21/hr. $17/hr.
San Francisco $330/day $21/hr. $20/hr.
New York $320/day $15/hr. $15/hr.
Hartford, Conn. $292/day $23/hr. $18/hr.
Worcester, Mass. $287/day $22/hr. $19/hr.
Boston $227/day $22/hr. $21/hr.
Washington, D.C. $271/day $17/hr. $16/hr.
Rochester, N.Y. $269/day $20/hr. $18/hr.
Honolulu, Hawaii $262/day $19/hr. $17/hr.

Lowest Cost
Shreveport, LA $115/day $12/hr. $12/hr.
New Orleans $118/day $14/hr. $14/hr.
Birmingham, Ala. $135/day $13/hr. $13/hr.
Little Rock, Ark. $137/day $14/hr. $14/hr.
Wichita, Kan. $139/day $16/hr. $15/hr.
Oklahoma City $141/day $16/hr. $16/hr.
Kansas City, Mo. $146/day $17/hr. $15/hr.
Tulsa, Okla. $146/day $18/hr. $16/hr.
St. Louis $148/day $17/hr. $17/hr.
Charleston, SC $153/day $17/hr. $15/hr.

**Source: “2005 MetLife Market Survey of Nursing Home & Home Care Costs”

The key so success in home care is to not get caught up in competing on price. You don’t want to be the “Wal-Mart of Home Care.” You want to be positioned as the Lexus or BMW of home care. Follow our posts and we’ll give you tips and techniques on how to do that.

Have a great day.


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