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What if you made 2006, the best year of your life? Here’s an idea that can make a real difference for your Home Health Care Agency.

My friend and fellow professional speaker, Mark LeBlanc sent me this message. Mark will be President of the National Speakers Association in 2008. (I was President in 2003).

You can apply Mark’s ideas to your home health care business and have the best year ever.


What if you made 2006, the best year of your life?

By Mark LeBlanc
Small Business Success

Every December, most business owners, professionals, and people in sales, begin the arduous task of examining goals over the past year, and setting new ones for the coming year. I believe there is something inherently wrong with the traditional goal-setting process.

Down with goals!

Really? Sort of. What if there was a different way to look at achieving what you want to accomplish in your life and work.

One of the greatest obstacles to reaching your goals is the calendar year. That’s right. We’ve been taught to set and examine our goals every twelve months. And twelve months is simply too long of a time period to do justice to the goal-setting process. Too many people, places, and projects begging for your attention throughout the year, will derail you time and time again. We can also count on our new year’s resolutions to crash and burn, since the lion’s
share of them do, right?

Yes, you should still set some realistic goals, and goals that challenge you to become a better person, in mind, body, and spirit, as well as, goals that can help you achieve a higher level
of success. Here are four ideas that will increase your odds of reaching all of them, and having a little more fun along the way.

1. Create a snapshot of your ideal month. What does 1/12th of your year need to look like in order for you to reach your targeted goals. If you don’t have a clear vision of your ideal
month, then you will wait too long into the year before you get started on your goals.

2. Establish a set of benchmarks that you can realistically do, on a regular basis, in order to reach your goals. A benchmark is a simple number that measures an activity or
a result. In order to create the momentum you require, these activities must be doable, and not hard to implement, or painful. Once your momentum ball is rolling, it’s hard to stop it.

3. Create a floating twelve month calendar. Why have one new year’s celebration a year, when you can have twelve? If you truly focus your efforts on your ideal month, then review
your numbers every thirty days, and celebrate your progress. Once you have the habit down, and your tracking system in place, you will never be back at the bottom of the mountain,
looking at a bigger goal.

4. Reset your counters to zero every thirty days. No matter what happens at the end of the current month, reset your counters to zero, and start implementing your benchmarked
activities all over again. No plus or minus carryover. If you can strengthen this mindset, you will create a system for self-renewal that will make you unstoppable.

Now is a good time to re-examine your life and work, and think about what you really want, and explore the real reasons you have not reached the level of success you desire. Then
throw those reasons away, and re-commit yourself to what you do want. It may be time for a new way of looking at success, and a new system for accomplishing your goals, and making
your dreams come true. Cheers to making 2006, the best year of your life!

Mark LeBlanc runs Small Business Success, based in La Jolla, CA, and speaks for groups of business owners and professionals who want to sell more products and services. He is the Author of the soon-to-be released book, Growing Your Business When YOU Are the Business! He can be reached at (800) 690-0810.

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