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Hospice Heats Up: Critical Sales Strategies to Promote This Unique Service

We’re still at the Home Health Line Power Home Health Referrals conference in Las Vegas.

The final breakout session today was presented by Polly Rehnwall, from Salt Lake City. What a refreshing, somewhat irreverant presentation on some totally new ways to increase your Hospice Census.

Polly focused on growing your Census by generating referrals and converting referrals. Conversion is a big issue. Many hospices are able to get the referrals, but fail to convert them to admissions. The Best programs are able to convert 75% of their referrals to admissions. Although Polly says that many agencies sanitize their conversion numbers by not counting all of their inquiries.

Polly suggested focusing on three key targets: Long Term Care Facilities, Consumers, and Patients and families.

Some key points on marketing to LTC Facailities:

  • Have a “Real Nursing Home Program.”
  • Make routine visits to Hospice patients in nursing homes during evenings and weekends. That’s when families are there, and they’re the ones who really benefit from your visits.
  • Set up preferred provide agreements with ALFs.
  • When making a visit to a facility as this question: “Is there anyone else I can help you with today?”

Some key points in marketing to consumers:

  • “Inquiries” = admissions until proven otherwise
  • Beware of sanitized conversion rates
  • To every caller say, “Tell me about it.” Find out what they are experiencing.
  • Schedule a home visit regardless of the circumstances. You can’t admit someone if you don’t schedule a visit.

Some key points in marketing to families and patients

  • Avoid “eventness” when a family learns of the diagnosis. Don’t get caught in the vortex
  • Take small steps
  • Give them direction
  • When you get a “yes” answer, shut up!

You look at these bullet points and ponder. What does this all mean? This was the most interesting, thought stimulating program on business development I’ve seen in a long time.

To learn more, contact her:

Polly Rehnwall, Inc.

Salt Lake City, UT

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