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Online Referral Machine: Harness the Hidden Power of Your Agency’s Web Site

Brendan Killackey, President of Progressive Technology Partners is the guy to revitalized the web presence of the VNS of New York. Brendan presented some key points about how to optimize your web site to drive referrals:

  • Move beyond brochureware. Most visitors come online to be sold. They come 24/7. One of the most active times is Monday morning when they get to work after spending the weekend with an elderly parent.
  • Bring traffic to your site with SEO – Search Engine Optimization
  • Text is the fundamental element of bringing people to your site … NOT grahics.
  • Text is page-specific, and SEO is about optimizing individual pages of your site.
  • Text is HTML based – not image based. Only text is indexable by search engines.
  • Use keyword search to find the terms that people are entering into Google and Yahoo!
  • A site map is a list of links to all pages on yoru web site. It helps search engines index all of your pages.

For examples, visit the VNSNY site:

Stay tuned to this BLOG as we introduce you to “Web-Centric Marketing and Recruiting” for home health agencies, coming soon from Leading Home Care.

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