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Creating Exceptional Customer Experiences in Home Health Care

Yesterday, I was in western Pennsylvania presenting a seminar for a young, rapdily growing home health care company. It was their annual “Customer Service Day.” Once a year, they bring their whole home care team together for a half-day seminar focused on customer service.

They’re already doing a lot of things right as evidenced by their rapdid growth. Yet they recognize that they can still grow and improve, so they brought me in to help them go to the next level of customer service.

I presented our program, Devoted to Caring: Creating Exceptional Customer Experiences in Home Care to a delighted audience.

It’s not enough today to provide good service. You need to examine the total customer experience. It begins with getting your team members to discuss the question, “Who are our customers and what do they expect from us?” Then, you need to examine each of the contact points where your customers come in contact with your company … your “moments of truth.”

Now ask the question, “What do our customers experience at each of the moments of truth in our company?”

In our seminar yesterday, we examined the moments of truth for our four customers; patients and their families, physicians, referral sources, and third party payors. We discussed what each type of wants from an effective home care company, and what they experience in our company.

There are four elements of an experience:

  • Esthetics – What does the customer experience with the five senses – sound, sight, touch, taste, smell?
  • Engagement – How is the customer engaged personally in the home health care experience?
  • Education – What does the customer learn during the experience?
  • Entertainment – What happens to the custome that is FUN? What’s the entertainment value of the home health care experience?

What is the customer experience in your home health care company?

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