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Home Care Marketing to Die For without Killing Your Budget

A Live Update from the National Private Duty Association annual conference in Atlanta

Want to grow you business 400% in four years without spending a fortune on marketing? You’ll want to know more about a powerful presentation by two fabulous women who own and operate a tremendously successful Private Duty Home Care business.

Tricia Menoni and her daugher, Angie Landmesser, own and operate Partners in Senior Care in Chicagoland. They just presented an awesome program on how to market your home care business without killing your budget. I’ve known Tricia and Angie for several years. They attended our Academy for Home Care Leadership several years ago and applied many of the lessons they learned.

What I love most about them is their “just do it now” action orientation. They create ideas, try things, keep doing what works, and stop doing what doesn’t work. They grew their private duty and geriatric care management business from ZERO to $4,000,000 in just 3 1/2 years. What a track record.

Here are five marketing rules they shared with us:

1. Steal from the Best

They keep a bankers box in their office. Whenever they see a great marketing idea, they put a sample in the box. They are constantly working ahead to adapt the marketing ideas of other companies into simple yet powerful things they can do to promote their company.

2. Don’t Sell Ice to Eskimos

They empasized that you need to know your customer and find ways to focus on their needs. “Future customers responde to the familiar,” says Angie. “You need to know if you are going to be selling at the ‘kitchen table’ or the ‘board table’.”

3. Marketing Isn’t just Materials

You need to have active marketing techniques that get your information and materials into the hands of people who can buy what you are selling, or who can refer to you. It begins with your own employees. Make sure your own caregivers have your material, know what you are promising, and deliver what you are selling.

4. The Reese’s Pieces Rule

“Leave little ways for clients to find their way back to you.”

5. You are Known by The Company You Keep

Align yourself with comparable home care companies. If you are actively growing your business, you will not be able to handle all of the inquiries and referrals you get. Make sure you know who you are referring the overflow to. Your reputation depends on it.

There are five more rules, and loads of powerful tips and techniques. We’ll share those with you in a future publication. In the mean time, visit their web site at:

Stay tuned for more updates from NPDA, and visit their web site at:

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