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Are You a Starter … or a Finisher?

This morning, I read the following in an email from my friend and fellow NSA Past President, Chris Clarke-Epstein. It struck home with me, because in my business I sometimes have great ideas that get started, but the don’t get finished. What about you?

“According to the gurus at Home Depot, the majority of home improvement projects are abandoned when they’re 90 percent complete. By this time, homeowners frequently are fed up with their projects and anxious to move on. That unfinished 10 percent, however, typically comprises the finishing touches that make the project took polished and professional.”

Is this behavior you recognize in your self? Are you leaving some 10% finishing work undone that makes people view you as less polished and professional than you really are? Are you willing to challenge yourself to change?

Chris Clarke-Epstein, CSP
Everyone gets a choice about change – endure it or lead it.
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