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New York State Passes Laws to Promote Home Care

ALBANY—Three measures that will continue to transition New York’s health care system by expanding home health care options for New Yorkers have been signed into law by Gov. George E. Pataki.

The first measure would authorize designated nursing homes to provide medical care to patients in their homes and the second measure makes permanent the Access to Home Program which provides financial assistance to homeowners and renters to adapt their homes or apartments to better meet the needs of persons with disabilities.

The third initiative would create a comprehensive, at-home hospice program for children.

“We are committed to advancing initiatives to allow New Yorkers to receive the treatment and support they need in the most comfortable and loving environment possible,” Gov. Pataki said. “Important reforms to the health care system I have advanced along with the Legislature are beginning to reshape the delivery of care in New York State. These new measures will advance those efforts by providing these much needed services to these individuals in their own homes.”

What’s happening in your state to promote home care? Do these state initiatives really have a level or reimbursement that will make it attractive for high quality home care companies to provide these services?

Let us know what you think.

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