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A Leadership Idea to Change our Country

The keynote speaker at the opening General Session of the 2006 NAHC Convention and Exhibit in Baltimore was Jim Clifton, CEO of the Gallup Organization. Clifton believes, as did Dr. George Gallup, that democracy is about the will of the people, which is why it is essential to ask what the public thinks.

Clifton founded an opinion research company after graduating from college, and built it into one of the most successful firms in the nation. Ultimately, he acquired the Gallup Organization in 1988 and turned it into a company with a global presence with 40 office in 20 countries. They’re currently doing surveys in Iraq to find out what the people there want from their new government.

One of the interesting ideas that Clifton discussed is based on survey of healthcare employees. Surveys of over 2 million workers found that only 25% are “spirited, enthusiastic, and proud of their work.” Most others are “actively disengaged.”

What about your employees? How many are “spiritied, enthusiastic, and proud of your home care company?”

Clifton said that most healthcare workers are having a really good day when “they make other employees as miserable as they are. He said, “When you find miserable patients, you’ll find miserable employees.”

His solution: “Double the number of enthusatic, spiritied, and proud employees.”

What can we as leaders in home care and hospice do to bring in more enthusiastic, spirited and proud employees? Give us your comments below.

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