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Family Caregiving Costs Employers $33 Billion Annually

WASHINGTON, June 25 (UPI) — At-home caregiving costs U.S. businesses up to $33 billion yearly in lost productivity as caregivers take time off from work, AARP said Monday.
For caregivers with the most intense responsibility, 92 percent said they have had to make major changes to their working patterns; 83 percent report arriving late to their jobs, leaving early or taking time off during the day; 41 percent say they had to take a leave of absence; and 37 percent report having to pare down their jobs to part-time to accommodate their care-related duties.

Moreover, the caregiver’s own health is often at risk, the survey also suggested.
Against that backdrop, the study also found that informal caregivers’ contribution had an economic value last year of $350 billion.

Source: AARP

As leaders in home health care, this information suggests that we need to let more of the major employers in our communities know about the benefits of home health care. One of our home health care clients actually has a home care service that they sell to employers, that will provide non-medical caregivers, or nurses if needed, to care for an elderly person so their son or daughter can go to work as planned.

Employers find that making this investment in home care services for their employees more than pays for itself in savings from lost productivity, tardiness, or absenteeism of valued employees.

What success are you having with employers in your community to provide home care support to their employees? Let us know by adding your comments below.

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