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What do you think about “Sicko?”

Michael Moore’s new film, “Sicko” comes out this week. Filled with specific examples of how individuals have been deprived of health care services because of their lack of insurance coverage, or attempts by insurers to deny claims, the film makes its points with great emotion.

What is your take on “Sicko?” Is our healthcare system really as bad as Michael Moore protrays it to be? Is the insurance industry really the problem?

What would health care in America look like if Moore’s prescription were followed? What is your personal experience with national health care systems in other countries such as Canada, Great Britain, France, or Greece? Would you perfer a nationalized health care system like some of these other countries? How would you like the healthcare system of Cuba … and their lifestyle to go with it?

What would be the implication for home care if we were to adopt a nationalized health care system?

Add your comments below. We’d love to hear your perspective.

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