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Nonmedical Caregiver Training and Orientation

Proper caregiver training is important. Jason Tweed, of all people, knows the importance of having caregivers in your home that know what they’re doing.

There are lots of benefits to ongoing training including:

  • Increased job satisfaction for caregivers
  • Increase customer satisfaction for clients
  • Improved relationships with family members
  • Improved caregiver retention
  • Reduced risk for worker compensation injuries
  • Reduced risk of customer lawsuits
  • Reduce risk of public relations crises
  • Compliance with state regulations
  • Compliance with payer requirements

Training, however, when done right can be very expensive and very time intensive.

  • How do you balance the benefits of quality training with the cost?
  • Do you do in-house training?
  • Are the public trainings available on your community?
  • Do you use packaged training programs?
  • Have you developed your own training system?

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