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Caregiver Selection, our most overlooked HR process

Caregivers selection has often been our most overlooked human resources process.

Recruitment and retention are often the focus of human resources. Finding new caregivers and keeping them employed as long as possible is the definition of growth in our industry.

Selecting good caregivers is much more than criminal background checks, drug testing, and reference checks. These standards in our industry make little to no difference simply because people who know they will fail background checks recognize that the industry won’t hire them. Today very few people apply for jobs in home care than fair one of these screenings.

Background checks are not selection, they are elimination processes.

A good selection process focuses on identifying quality as much as eliminating candidates.

We need to eliminate the bottom 10% of applicants, but how do we identify the top 10% of applicants prior to hire.

I encourage you to take a look at our caregiver pre-employment assessment and share your comments here.

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