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Nursing Home Negligence and Prevention

Court systems statewide are noticing increasing rates of nursing home negligence and elder abuse. The economic crisis is tempting too many caregivers to take advantage of these sensitive individuals.

The jump in abuse is creating an ever more competitive environment for nursing homes. Families are double checking safety and negligence records of nursing homes to ensure that such abuse doesn’t happen to their loved one.

Even if the nursing home does have a reliable record, it does not guarantee your family member will not be abused. Such unfortunate events are rarely to be blamed on supervisors, managers, and other higher level staff, rather they are simply the symptoms of an unjust caregiver.

If abuse is suspected and has supporting evidence, an elder abuse lawyer, nursing home abuse lawyer, or a nursing home negligence attorney can assist in obtaining compensation. Different cases receive varying levels of compensation. In some instances, a situation may be settled out of court.

Cases of elder abuse, not matter how small, can be a huge setback for any home health care business trying to entice new customers. To prevent such situations, provide incentives for experienced caregivers. Maintain yearly and quarterly caregiver training meetings. Require background checks for caregiver applicants and invest in random drug screening. Those not able to deal with the stress of caring for another individual may react inadvertently. Caregivers that are educated about dealing with stress and are provided with outlet options will be less likely to abuse their clients.

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