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Boomers May Face Bankruptcy and Long-Term Care Collapse

Experts oppose Medicare’s “only fix it if it’s broken” approach to long term care system. Baby boomers may face a collapse in the quality of care if the debate is not resolved.

Many seniors feel helpless when they discover that Medicare does not cover long term nursing home stays. For family members, the situation can be a complete lifestyle change. The average family caregiver is a middle aged daughter that is forced to quit her day job or take only a part time job while taking care of a parent full time.

The other option is for the parent is to ignore symptoms that long term care is needed, like when they forget to take their medication. Inevitably, this will bring the parent back to the hospital where Medicare will kick in after the damage has already been done.

For many people, the Medicare system is flawed, but hope is not lost. According to the AARP Public institute, Medicaid could care for three people with home and community-based services for what it spends on one nursing home resident. Some believe that when a solution is finally found, it will not only help the long term care industry, but it will also boost the economy. With funds guided towards Medicaid long term care, more individuals could afford the assistance of one of the many non-medical home care companies, helping to turn the economic crisis.

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