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Home Care is the Future of Elder Care

The baby boomers are knocking on the door of congress, anxiously awaiting an answer to resolve the current flaws of elderly health care in America. While congressmen continue to debate and flip through the paperwork, there is evidence of the future of home care right in your home town.

Home care is not only the newest trend in elder care, it may be the solution for the baby boomer crisis for many reasons.

Home care caregivers always meet the needs of their clients exactly when these needs are requested. This is impossible in a nursing home setting since a single caregiver is responsible for attending to a variety of needs of many different patients.

Most of the elderly can live their lives largely independent, with only a few hours a week for help with transportation, shopping, or bathing. Home care gives patients the freedom to choose the level of help they desire.

Even if a patient needs help around the clock, home care is the least invasive assistance available and encourages the elderly to maintain their normal daily routines and activities that they enjoy.

Annual costs of many nursing homes are not an affordable option for most of the elderly and their families. This is because nursing homes charge for housing, meals, transportation, etc. With home care, the cost is directly reflective of the level of care needed for the individual.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, a deeper level of friendship, admiration, and respect between caregivers and their patients are only obtainable through home care services. It is important for the elderly to not only be in a safe environment, but to feel safe and comfortable… to feel at home.

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