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Enjoy Forth of July Activities with Clients Safely

Every year during the holidays, preventable accidents happen. Whether the Thanksgiving turkey fryer caught on fire or Forth of July fireworks went off in the wrong direction, caregivers have an extra responsibility to help their clients enjoy the holidays safely. Make sure your caregivers understand what precautions to take with our list below:

  • Encourage your client to participate in activities that they are physically and mentally capable of handling. They will gain the most satisfaction helping out with activities that stimulate their body and mind.
  • Plan ahead by breaking a large task into simple steps and include a timeline.
  • Do not decorate high traffic areas or inaccessible areas such as the doorways, hallways, high shelves, etc. Simple festive table centerpieces or window decals can be repeated throughout rooms.
  • Sharpen knives before food preparation.
  • Have oven mitts readily available before starting the grill.
  • Browse through the yard and pick up any fallen sticks, wet leaves, or other debris.
  • If weather isn’t cooperating, don’t risk walking on a wet lawn. Pan sear or grill meats and vegetables on a small indoor electric grill.
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