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Caregiver and Client Toilet Troubles

The ultimate test of the relationship of both caregiver and client are toileting issues. If a client or a caregiver does not feel comfortable with toileting concerns the relationship will fail and your company will lose a valuable client. There are simple steps and precautions to take to help foster the caregiver and client relationship with hygienic assistance.

  • Leave bathroom doors open when not in use. This is especially important with dementia and Alzheimer’s patients. They may not remember which door leads to the bathroom.
  • Provide hallways near the bathroom with good lighting day and night. A patient may miss the bathroom simply because they were not able to see it very well.
  • Take toilet paper off of the wall mount and place it on a small stool that is easily accessible from the toilet seat. A patient may forget to look to the side for the toilet paper. Holding the object in their hands may help them with cognition.
  • Remove all unnecessary clutter from floors, drawers, medicine cabinets, etc. Too much clutter may frustrate or confuse the patient.
  • Provide toilet paper in multiple places such as in drawers, cabinets, closets, etc. in the bathroom. Some patients may feel the need to search for these items, so including a roll of toilet paper in multiple areas will ensure success.
  • Use quality toileting undergarments that are comfortable for the client and easily accessible incase of an emergency.
  • Include a folding privacy screen to set up when the client is using the bathroom or step outside the door to provide privacy at a safe distance.
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