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The Power of Client Confidence

As the economy declines and the aging population increases, many elders are left feeling vulnerable. Protect your clients from being taken advantage of by encouraging your caregivers, clients, and the family members of your clients to follow these precautions.

1. Criminals opt for convenience by targeting the powerless. Many seniors become vulnerable not because of a disability or illness, but when they are desperate. If your senior is in desperate need of self-esteem, conversation, etc. help them find trustworthy support groups before someone else uses that need as a way to get in.

2. Beware of people that are closest to your client. Any new “friends” or “helpers” could have plans to misuse the trust of an elder. This often takes a significant amount of time, potentially years. Once the elder believes this person has their best interest in mind, they may be put into trust of finances and important information. These criminals often push other family members out of their way by spreading rumors about them.

3. Use body language as armor. Encourage your seniors to hold their head up high, walk with steady steps, and keep a cool calm attitude when they are out in public. Having a calm and collective state of mind will make even the frailest senior appear powerful.

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