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Early Stages of Alzheimer’s can be Hurtful to Family

The earliest stages of Alzheimer’s disease may prove to be the most frustrating for family members. During the first stage of Alzheimer’s, seniors develop overwhelming feelings of frustration and confusion. They may lash out at family members that offer assistance, which may discourage loved ones from getting involved with other health services, such as home health care.

Some patients may be able to “turn off” these overwhelming feelings around strangers, such as doctors or nurses, and vent around loved ones. This may mislead doctors trying to test for Alzheimer’s disease.

If your home health care company receives calls from desperate family members seeking help with Alzheimer’s disease testing, your best bet is to suggest a visit to a neurologist that specializes in dementia. These experts test for complications in blood, neurological, memory tests, and CT/P.E.T. scans. From these results, they can properly diagnose the correct type of dementia/Alzheimer’s disease.

The majority of these family members will be happy to place their elderly loved one in the care of your company, all because you were the one to take a five minute phone call and direct them towards the path of diagnosis.

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