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The Three Generation Household Home Care

AARP has collected some interesting information about the rise of grandparents moving in with sons, daughters, and their grandchildren. Rates have increased to 5.3% in 2008 compared to 4.8 percent in 2000, that’s about 1 out every 10 individuals aged 50 and over living with a relative.

Seniors are struggling to pay for everything, not just health care. An eroded economy and an unemployment rate that has doubled for citizens age 55 and older has led to a trend of multigenerational households once again.

The move can make family and caregiving routines more complicated. These caregivers will have to act as mediators between the family to ensure a smooth transition for their elder. For example, toddlers may leave hallways strewn with toys, a potential tripping hazard. Teenagers may enjoy loud music which may interrupt resting periods or contain foul language.

Seniors living in multigenerational housing may experience frequent feelings of helplessness or depression. It is critical for the caregiver to maintain an optimistic state of mind and encourage these clients to enjoy the benefits of the family.

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