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Eldercare Mediators May Bring New Clients

Eldercare mediation is a growing business that often benefits other non-medical home care companies. Eldercare mediators are nurses, social workers, gerontologists or attorneys that have taken specific mediation courses dealing with family issues of elder care.

They act as a knowledgeable third party member that helps with the decision-making processes. Armed with a clear focus and state of mind, they know how to guide family conversations to be as productive and peaceful as possible. The eldercare mediator is able to go in-depth about the pros and cons for a variety of options in care and services available for the senior.

An eldercare mediation discussion can include living arrangements and possible assistance for the parent(s), driving abilities, end-of-life provisions, financial concerns, trust and estate issues, division of responsibility amongst the siblings, etc. If your current customers are experiencing problems with any of these issues, you can direct them to an eldercare mediator, which typically charge between $100 – $300 per hour.

It may be an expensive investment for some of your potential customers that need that extra help communicating with their aging parents, but it is worth your time offering this option to them. If the family decides that a private duty caregiver is the best option, your company will be a no-brainer to work with because of your knowledgeable advice.

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