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Increase Your Income Selling to Bank Trust Officers

Millions of elderly and disabled individuals have one or more chronic conditions which make it difficult to function. They need regular assistance with the activities of daily living.

A small, but rapidly growing, number of these elderly Americans have accumulated significant wealth. They have called on the services of a Bank Trust Department or other trusted adviser to help them manage their money and arrange for personal services.
That’s were you come in. As the owner, administrator, or manager of a Private Duty Home Care company, you can dramatically increase your income by learning to sell your services to these Bank Trust Officers and other Trusted Advisers. Up until now, that process has been a mystery to most home care leaders.
Now, Thanks to one of America’s leading experts in selling to older Americans, and one of home care’s leading Private Duty experts, you can master the mystery of selling to Bank Trust Officers. 
Michael Sullivan is a principal in the firm of 50-Plus Communication Consulting. He specializes in helping firms market and sell to baby boomers. He shows audiences how to identify and deepen relationships with targeted groups. He has been educating and motivating thousands of trust institution professionals, investment and insurance advisors and healthcare providers.  
For the past 25 years, Stephen Tweed has worked with home care companies around the country that want to grow their businesses, and with home care leaders who want to multiply performance. He is currently Chairman and CEO of Leading Home Care … a Tweed Jeffries company, and Publisher of Private Duty Today. 
Together, Mike and Stephen have created a tool that is guaranteed to help you learn what you need to know to penetrate the big money world of Bank Trust Officers and Other Trusted Advisors.
Click on the link below. In a matter of seconds you’ll be able to download this E-Book to your own computer.  Then you can apply these principles to generate more referrals that turn into high quality clients with high hours per case and long length of service.
Order the eBook, Increase Your Income Selling to Bank Trust Officers and Other Trusted Advisers today.
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