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Tell Your Story for Marketing Success

Owners of home care companies are always trying to create the perfect marketing tools–tools that will generate more referrals that turn into admissions. I have found that the most powerful marketing device a small company can develop is its story.

Here’s what I mean:

Tell your company’s story

Everyone likes to know the story behind the story, especially when there is an underdog or a hero involved. I was recently talking to the owner of a growing, successful home care company.  I asked him to tell me the story of how he started his company.  It was a wonderful story, and he told it very well. Learning his story helped me see the kinder side of his business, and I immediately felt myself rooting for the owner.

Tell your product’s story

I was speaking at the annual conference of a very fast growing franchise company several weeks ago. They have a unique product designed to help dementia clients slow the progression of this devastating disease.  I interviewed the woman who developed the program, and she was very passionate about what she is doing, and the results she is getting.  When she told the story of how she developed the program, I was moved.  It’s a compelling story with compelling results.

Tell your personal story
If you have a service-based business, your personal story and whyyou do what you do are not only great attention grabbers, but can also be striking testimony about your expertise. I was interviewing a private duty business owner, who was telling me about his family and how they are all involved in his business.  He told about how he focuses on personal relationships and the family. 
He gave me one of the most memorable quotes I’ve heard in home care.
“This business is not rocket science.  I used to do rocket science in the republic of Georgia ( in the former soviet union). 

Tell your customer how to get involved in your story

Engaging your customers in your story can be just as valuable as engaging them with your product. There is an independent bookstore around the corner from my house with shelves I have often browsed. I had rarely bought a book there, until the shop posted a sign on the door that implored customers–who enjoy being able to shop locally and want the bookstore to be able to keep its doors open–to support independent bookstores by purchasing from them.  Now I make myself buy something every time I go to the shop–even if I don’t really need it.
The next time you set out to win over customers, think beyond the bullet points of your product.  As Lewis Schiff of the Inc. Business Owner’s Council says: “Facts get recorded; stories get remembered.”

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