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Marketing to Die For … Without Killing Your Budget

It takes innovation, creativity, passion, and persistence.  In this down-home, practical marketing manual, Angie Landmesser and Trisha Menoni give you the details of their innovation and creativity.  They show you step by step how to apply their ideas to get more referrals that turn into admissions.  They’ll stimulate  your thinking to come up with your own innovative ideas that will work for you in your marketplace. 

Click on the link below.  In a matter of seconds you’ll be able to download this e-Book to your own computer.

Instantly, you’ll begin learning about …
  • How to “steal” marketing ideas, even from other industries.

  • What questions to ask yourself when designing a marketing campaign.
  • How to clearly identify your target audience.
  • How to separate your marketing and your company from the rest.
  • How to take advantage of special events.
  • How to avoid the “budget killer”.
  • How to use ad specialties that last.
  • How to keep your prospect talking while on the phone.
  • Creating consistent marketing materials.
  • Create printed materials that sell.
  • Marketing to your current clients.
  • How to invest in your employees.
  • How to use the “Reese’s Pieces® Rule”.
  • How to use personal gifts.
  • Increase your credibility through association.
  • How to become a servant of your community.
  • How to create a customer for life.
  • How to recapture former clients and referral sources.
  • Avoiding “Spray and Pray” marketing, and when to use it.
  • Analyzing your marketing results using Pareto’s Principle.
  • Save time and money by planning ahead.
  • Adding personal touches to your marketing.
  • And much more…
This e-Book is divided into 10 Rules.  Each rule features very specific action steps and first-hand examples.  You’ll have all the tools, forms and ideas you’ll need to launch your own expert marketing campaigns. 
Last but not least, the authors have created an appendix with weblinks to 19 resources that will help you implement each action.  They’ll even tell you the best sources to buy supplies for your campaigns. 
If you try just one of the dozens of ideas.  If that idea gets you just one new client, you’ve paid for this e-Book ten-fold.  
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