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What’s more important when hiring caregivers … attitude or skill?

By Diane West
Program Manager
Caregiver Quality Assurance (TM)

After years of talking with home care owners about high turnover it’s become clear that selecting caregivers with a great attitude is more important than selecting based on skill.  This type of thinking, however, will require a change of mind-set for many home care companies.
Yes, it’s important, sometimes required, for a caregiver to have certain skills and/or certifications.  However, if someone has the right attitude you can teach them the skills necessary to do their job.  Look at your best caregivers. What is the common thread?  Yep, that’s what we thought … they have a can-do attitude.  You know you can count on them to fill in on short notice, stay late if necessary and they have a passion for their work.  Clients notice this too!
Many companies look for assessment results with the ‘right number’ to signify an applicant will be dependable.  The norm has also been to require applicants to have previous caregiving experience, which hasn’t proven to be a good indicator of a successful caregiver.  Carol Quinn, CEO of Hire Authority, says it best … “High achievers have three characteristics:  Attitude, Passion, and Skill.”  These are the three characteristics that every home care company is looking for … and they should be in this order.
Now, the dilemma … how do you determine a person’s attitude? Leading Home Care can help with our Caregiver Quality Assurance® program.  We offer a reasonably priced annual license for an online screening and selection process comprised of four assessments and an on-boarding tool.  Now you can determine early in your screening process a candidate’s attitudes by measuring for counter-productive behaviors.  You can streamline your interview process with behavioral interview questions specific to the candidate’s responses.
Benefits of being a member of Caregtiver Quality Assurance (TM)
  • Unlimited assessment usage for one year
  • Choose which of four assessments applicants will complete (Job Fit, Cognitive, Attitude, Engagement)
  • Assessments are benchmarked to the job
  • Review results immediately
  • On-boarding tool available to help you understand a candidates personality characteristics and learning style, before you hire them

  • Applicants can take the assessment in your office or remotely, your choice
  • Display the CQA seal to showcase your dedication to quality care

Your caregivers are the face of your company.  They reflect your values when providing care.  A caregiver with a bad attitude can negatively impact your business in a variety of ways.  Let us help you find applicants with the right attitude to become successful caregivers.   

Contact Diane West at 502-339-0653 or to learn more about the assessments or go to and request a free demo.
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