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Make More Money by Saving Money on Workers Compensation Insurance

There are two ways to drop more money to your bottom line:

1. Increase your Revenue
2. Decrease your Expenses

Since you are in the people business, most of your operating expenses are generated by your people.  Wages, insurances, taxes, travel, training, recruiting, and retention are all  elements of your business cost structure.

I don’t know about you, but one of the things I like least in my business is dealing with insurance, and making decisions about our company’s various insurance policies.  We frequently get calls in the office, and questions in our web conferences and live workshops about the best place to find workers compensation insurance, professional liability insurance, and non-owned automobile insurance.

A number of years ago I was speaking at a franchise owners meeting and had the pleasure to meet David Dickie from The Solutions Group in San Antonio, Texas.  We had a great conversation and I learned a lot about the right questions to ask when selecting the right insurance program.

We Recommend The Solutions Group

Since that time, when someone asks us about insurance for a private duty home care company, we point them in the direction of The Solutions Group.  The feedback we get regularly from clients, customers, and readers who have purchased their insurance from David Dickie has been amazing.

When you are working with a referral source, you want them getting amazing feedback about you and your home care company. When I started getting amazing feedback about The Solutions Group, it reinforced our decision to send everyone who asks to them for insurance.

If you are faced with a decision about who to go to for insurance for your company, just click on the link and get more information about The Solutions Group.  Then tell them that Leading Home Care sent you. 

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