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Independent Caregiver Charged with ID Theft

A Salisbury, CT woman who was working as an independent caregiver for a 95 year old Connecticut woman has been arrested and charged with stealing $150,000 over a two year period.  Heather Enslow had been hired by the woman’s son to provide care for her in the home.

The son, who had Power of Attorney,  had agreed to provide rent, electricity, heat and a car to drive along with $300 a week to Enslow.  In exchange, Enslow agreed to provide in-home care services, and pick up and pay for the woman’s prescriptions and groceries.

Enslow had been arrested by Connecticut State Police a year earlier for larceny and credit card theft.

This case is another illustration of the importance of using a qualified home care company instead of using independent caregivers hired off the street.  It also makes a clear point about the importance of conducting criminal background checks before hiring a caregiver.

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