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Using Video to Promote Private Duty

Social Media Marketing is all the buzz on our discussion group at Leading Home Care Network on LinkedIn.  There’s the talk of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and all the others.  However, we don’t have much data to show how well these forms of social media really work in attracting inquiries that turn into admissions.

We do, however, have plenty of data to show the value of having a powerful web site with top notch Search Engine Optimization – SEO.  When the oldest daughter of an elderly person is looking for care for mom or dad, there’s a good bet that she will surf the Internet.

More and more we are seeing highly effective home care companies using video to enhance their web sites, and to help attract and hold visitors.  That means that You Tube is a very important social media tool for you and your company.  You Tube is clearly the best place to host those videos that are linked on your web site.

The Annual Christmas Video

Our friends at Cypress Home Care Solutions in Phoenix, Arizona have clearly demonstrated how to use video effectively to build your brand and make your phone ring.  One of my favorite uses of video is the annual Video Holiday Card sent out by Cypress.  My copy arrived today and I want to share it with you. 

Once you have looked at this video, spend some time surfing You Tube for some other examples of great video’s that home care companies are using to promote there services. Which ones do you like?  Which ones aren’t very effective?

Give us your comments.

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