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What to look for when selecting a Home Care Sales Rep?

By Diane West

You’ve decided to hire a Home Care Sales Rep. What core personality characteristics should you be looking for? Should you look for someone who is detail oriented or someone able to handle interruptions? Should they be accommodating or is it better if they can be direct and determined … and ask for the referral? There are two components to consider when looking for any new member of your team. Are their core personality characteristics and their attitudes a good fit for the job?

First, how can you determine the core personality characteristics of top performers for these positions? Leading Home Care has the answer. We recently initiated a custom benchmark study with PeopleClues to help identify the performance criteria and behavioral styles for high performers in home care sales. The benchmark process involves assessing successful sales people in home care to measure core behavioral traits and learning style, ranking of those incumbents according to performance criteria, and finally, the statistical analysis to build the benchmark.

The result is a graphic display of the behavioral style of the ideal candidates for your sales position. This shows you a range of scores (the green bars) as well as those scores that represent a “yellow flag” or a “red flag”.

Problem one solved … you know the core behavioral traits and learning style needed for a good job fit. Now, how can you determine which applicants have these core behavioral traits along with the right attitude? The answer is to apply the principles of the Caregiver Quality Assurance® program, and our nine Step Selection System. It begins with our online screening process, consisting of four assessments – Personality, Cognitive, Attitude and Engagement. Each assessment offers valuable insights into an applicant’s behavioral traits and learning style.

Become a member of the Caregiver Quality Assurance® program and you’ll have access to a variety of Job Fit titles so you can review the core behavioral traits and learning style when selecting home care companions, home care aides, CNAs/LPNs and RNs. You’ll also have access to behavioral interview questions generated based on the candidate’s responses to the questions in the Attitudes assessment.

Let Leading Home Care help you select the right person for the job the first time … become a member of the Caregiver Quality Assurance® program today. You can learn more about the assessments at or call me at 866-209-5101. If you’d like to experience the assessments yourself send me an email at

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