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Use the Power of Certainty to Drive Sales Success

By Stephen Tweed

This morning, I was updating some of the information on our Leading Home Care Network discussion group on Linked In.  Then I went to the home page on LinkedIn and quickly scanned down to see what some of my contacts are doing.

I immediately leaped on a post by my friend and professional speaking colleague, Dan Burrus.  It read, “Use the Power of Certainty to Drive Sales Success”.  Knowing that Dan is probably the leading technology forecaster in the country, I knew he would have some amazing insights that we can translate into home care sales.

In this Blog Post,  here’s what he said:

“When it comes to selling, nothing is more important than the power of certainty. After all, when potential customers or clients are uncertain, they hesitate. They don’t want to move forward, say “yes,” or allow you to close the sale. The more uncertainty you have, the higher the risk for the person making the purchase and the more likely it is they will decide to wait.

On the other hand, when there is a high level of certainty and the product or service will help the customer accomplish what they want to achieve or give them the result they desire now and in the future, the sale can very easily be made.”

Isn’t that so true?  When you are having a conversation with the oldest daughter of a potential client and she is uncertain about what to do for Mom or Dad, she often makes no decision. If we can increase the level of trust and create more certainty for the daughter, we can help her make a more confident decision.

 Then Dan went on to say,

“One of the top certainties of today is that the future is all about relationships. Even though we live in a highly technical world, it is still a human world where people buy and sell on logic and emotion, on their view of the future, and on the level of trust they have in the people they’re working with. Therefore, no matter what you’re selling, if you don’t have trust it will be difficult to rapidly increase sustainable sales.” 

How does this translate to Home Care Sales:

I encourage you to follow the links and read the full article on Dan’s blog.  Then I’d like you to consider these questions: 

How does this translate into home care sales?

What am I certain about?

As a salesperson, how do I really reach trusted advisor status with my referral sources?

Where is the current trust level with my key referral sources?

How do I use certainty to fill your sales pipeline?

As Dan says in closing:

“We live in a highly competitive and uncertain world. And that can force many salespeople to forget about relationship building and focus on the current transaction. Yet when you focus on developing personal relationships with customers, becoming a trusted advisor rather than a salesperson, and using the power of certainty to your advantage, you will provide the comfort and clarity for customers to make a buying decision now.”  

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