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Six Secrets of Selling Private Duty Home Care

By Stephen Tweed

If I’ve had this conversation once this past year, I’ve had it twenty five times.  Owners of private duty home care companies who have called with high levels of frustration because of the challenges in recruiting, hiring, training, and retaining highly effective sales people.  It’s a huge issue in private duty home care today.

If you are the owner of a private duty home care company, and you have a sales person on your staff, you have an obligation to help them be successful.  Don’t just throw them out there to make calls.

So what are the things they need to know to do this job effectively.  I’ve been looking back over all of our sales training materials, reviewing notes from conferences I’ve attended, and reflecting on conversations I’ve had with private duty leaders in developing business growth strategies.  Based on all of this reflection, I’ve come up with what I believe are the “Six Secrets of Selling Private Duty Home Care”. 

If you promise not to tell anyone, I’ll let you in my my secrets.  If you can get your sales person to do these six things over and over again, your company will grow.  The challenge is getting them to do these simple things.

There are three reasons why your sale person does not do what you want them to do:

1.  They don’t know how.
2.  They are not able.  They don’t have the skills or the tools.
3.  They don’t want to. They are not motivated.

The first one – know-how – is solved by training.  Providing a regular diet of education and training to help your sales team develop the know-how to successfully bring in referrals that turn into admissions.

Here are the six secrets:

1.  Find the right prospects
2.  Make more calls
3.  Be likeable – people buy from people they like
4.  Be more interested in them than they are in you
5.  Master the Four P’s of Powerful, Persuasive Presentations
6.  Ask for the order … again, and again, and again.

To help you understand the intricacies and the nuances of these six secrets, I’m going to spend one hour giving you the details, and demonstrating how to turn these six secrets into success.  Then, I’m going to take two days to help you further develop these and other ideas to grow your business.

Join me on Thursday, January 24, 2013 at 4:00 pm eastern time for a live web conference on The Six Secrets of Selling Private Duty Home Care.  I’ll give you a detailed look at each of these six ideas, and tell you how you can put them to use in your company.  I guarantee that if you give me one hour, you listen carefully, you take copious notes, and you put just one of these ideas to use, you will get more referrals that turn into admissions.

Then, join me on Tuesday and Wednesday, February 19 and 20 in Orlando, Florida for the Grow Your Business workshop hosted by The Home Care Association of Florida, and sponsored by The Academy for Private Duty Home Care.  On Tuesday, we’ll focus on the Promotion Pillar, and give you in-depth details about how to create competitive advantage in your local marketplace.  I’ll explain the difference between consumer marketing and referral marketing, and give you the top techniques for marketing directly to consumers.  Then we’ll show you in detail the results of our latest research into marketing to referral sources and increasing your revenue per paying client.

On the second day, February 20th, we’ll focus on the People Pillar. I’ll give you the latest research into the top techniques for recruiting high quality caregivers, and tell you how you can use a nine step process for selecting the best.  We’ll talk about recruiting, selecting, training and retaining your office staff.  And then as a big bonus, we’ll go in depth into how to recruit, select, train, and retain highly effective sales representatives.

If you are serious about applying the six secrets of selling private duty home care, and growing your business in 2013, join me for these two high-impact education events brought to you by The Academy for Private Duty Home Care.

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