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Explore the All NEW Academy for Private Duty Home Care

Where do you go to learn about the home care business?
What do you do to help educate your office staff? 

How can you train that new sales person? 

Where can I go to network with owners of other home care companies my same size?

These are the questions that are answered by the ALL NEW Academy for Private Duty Home Care.  We’ve been working for over a year to design and deliver a totally new concept in education and training for owners, CEOs, administrators and staff members of high performing home care companies. 

The Academy for Private Duty Home Care is being re-launched today as

Three Ways to Learn About Home Care

If you are a life long learner, you’re always looking for new ideas to grow your business, serve more clients, solve sticky people problems, and make more money.  You’ve been to live conferences.  You’ve attended live web conferences.  Perhaps you’ve watched some video learning programs.

Now,  all of these learning opportunities are available under one roof at The Academy for Private Duty Home Care. 

Online Learning – The Academy has developed the biggest collection of video and web conference learning programs in the private duty home care industry.  You begin by viewing 27 Free videos that introduce you to the 27 Elements of a Highly Effective Home Care Company.  Then, you have access to monthly live web conferences, and new learning videos to help you and your team get the knowledge, skills, and motivation to grow your business.

Live Workshops– The Academy will continue our tradition of offering live workshops in key cities across the US.  You can attend the two-day Grow Your Business workshop, or participate in the brand new Private Duty Field Trip.  If you like learning in group, the live workshops are for you.

Mastermind Groups – It’s lonely at the top.  You have no one to talk with who really understands the challenges you face in growing your home care business. Now you do!  The Academy is creating a series of Mastermind groups of owners and CEOs of similar size, non-competing home care companies who will come together to share their expertise, share their challenges, and learn from one another.  Napolean Hill, in his famous book Think and Grow Rich defined a master mind as “coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmont, between two or more people for the attainment of a definite purpose.”

If your purpose is to grow your  business in 2013 and beyond, you’ll want to become a member of The Academy for Private Duty Home Care. 

Three Membership Levels

There are three ways you can be a member of The Academy.

1.  Registered Member – Free – gives you access to 27 videos on the 27 Elements of a Highly Effective Home Care Company.

2. Premium Member – $499.00 per year – gives you access to 27 videos, free monthly live web conferences, discounts on live workshops, discounts on eBooks and eTools.

3.  Mastermind Member – limited to active members of a Private Duty Mastermind Group.

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