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Online Learning to Train Your Staff

You’ve been to the seminars and conferences.  You’ve attended the NPDA conference, the PDHCA conference, or the Academy for Private Duty Home Care workshops.  You’ve attended your state or local home care association meetings.  You are a life long learner when it comes to growing your home care business.

What about the other members of your home care team?  Where do they go for education and training? 

Now, you can give your COO, your scheduling coordinator, your care manager, and your marketing person the opportunity to learn more about the private duty home care business.  You can help your billing person learn more about billing and collections. They can learn from the privacy of their own work station or their own home about the top techniques in sales, marketing, recruiting, retention, behavioral interviewing, creating competitive advantage, billing, collections, and tracking results. 

All of these topics and more are available online right now at The Academy for Private Duty Home Care Online Learning library.  Leading Home Care and the Academy for Private Duty Home Care have created the largest collection of video based instructional programs in our industry.  The library continues to grow each month as we add the recorded versions of our live web conferences. 

If you want your top team members to have the opportunity for regular learning and a very reasonable cost, you will want to become a Premium Member of The Academy for Private Duty Home Care.  For the low, low annual membership fee of $499.00, you and your team will have access to monthly live web conferences, plus the online streaming video programs on the 27 Elements of a Highly Effective Home Care Company.  You’ll also get discounts on our live workshops around the country, and on the eBooks and eTools in our company Store. 

Check it out.  Go to The Academy for Private Duty Home Care, and Register for Free.  Then view the 27 free videos on the 27 Elements.  After you have viewed the free videos, then sign up to become a Premium Member and give your team members access to ongoing online learning. 

Join Today!

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