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What Insurance Coverage Do I Need When It Comes to Caregiver Driving on the Job?

One of the most frequently asked questions is,  
What insurance do I need when my caregivers are driving for a client?”

Since this topic is so common we went to an old friend and expert, David Dickie of The Solutions Group and asked him a few questions. We wanted to clarify for our readers what constitutes on the job driving. 

According to David, from a home care perspective, on the job driving typically falls into one of the following categories:

1. Driving from one client’s home to another.
2. Driving on behalf of a client (to pick up something or drop off something).
3. Transporting a client.

Typically, the commute from home to the first patient is NOT considered on the job. However, driving between patients’ homes or transporting patients is clearly on-the-job.

So, when planning how to protect your agency, your employees and your clients, make sure your insurance coverage takes these conditions into consideration.

Another question we get quite often is should the client’s car or the caregiver’s car be used? David had the following to say on this question. “From a coverage perspective, it does not matter. However, from a ‘loss control’ perspective, it is much better to take the client’s car for two reasons:

1. The client typically has a nicer, safer and better maintained vehicle than the caregiver.
2. The client assumes some risk by lending his/her car to a caregiver to drive. That perceived assumption of risk helps in the event of a claim.”

David also recommends doing a motor vehicle records check on your employees to avoid a “Negligent Entrustment” claim.

For more information on this or any of the questions addressed above please feel free to contact David Dickie at the The Solutions Group for clarification on the issues discussed above or if you need help with your insurance coverage.

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