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Hiring Top Sales Talent in Private Duty Home Care

By Stephen Tweed

Perhaps the one frustration I’ve heard this year from talking with hundreds of private duty home care business owners is their inability to find and keep high performing sales people.  All the research points to using direct sales calls on high potential referral sources to generate new referrals that turn into admissions.

There’s also plenty of information to show that no one can sell home care like the owner.  No one else has your knowledge and your passion for your business.  No one can sell you like you.

However, to grow your business beyond the median of $1 million in revenue, you need to hire other people who can do the work required to serve more clients.  That means hiring one or more sales people.  Yet I’ve talked to dozens of owners this year who have called in frustration after having what looks like a terrific sales person quit or get fired within the first six months because they were not getting the results.

The Sales Selection System

To help you overcome that challenge, we’ve been working on developing a more clear understanding of the process of recruiting, selecting, training, and coaching private duty sales people.  We’ve talked with lots of owners who have successfully hired good sales people.  We spent a weekend with members of our $5 Million Mastermind Group, and talked about what has worked for them in sales and marketing.

The result is some new information and data on how you can more effectively recruit and select a high performing sales staff. 

What are the most effective methods for recruiting sales people?

  • Internet Recruiting
  • Employee Referral Programs
  • Networking in the Community

 What are the secrets of writing great ad copy?

  • Capture them with a headline
  • Paint a word picture of the opportunity
  • Describe whey they want to work for you
  • Tell them exactly how to apply
  • Call to Action

What are the selection criteria for high impact sales people?

  • Knowledge
  • Ability
  • Attitudes

How do you find out about their knowledge, ability, and attitudes?

  • Previous work experience
  • Online behavior and attitude assessments
  • Highly effective behavioral interviewing

To find out more about how you can apply these recruiting and selection techniques to find and hire great private duty sales people, join us on Thursday, March 14, 2013 at 4:00 pm eastern time for the live web conference.  Don’t delay.  There’s still time to register

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