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Who do recommend for Insurance for our Home Health Agency??

Over the past few years we have received countless requests from our readers asking for recommendations for an insurance company that specializes in the home health industry.
Here is one of those requests:

We are a small Home Health Care business in Maryland.  We are state licensed and just recently received ACHC accreditation.  Are you aware of any Insurance Companies that specialize in HHC Business Insurance? We’re getting raked over the coals with a 20% increase from our local insurance company and that with 0 claims ever made!


Beth H., Operations Manager”

We responded with a suggestion that she contact David Dickie at The Solutions Group.  We have received tremendous feedback over the years from individuals who have purchased insurance through The Solutions Group, so we invited them to become a Resource Associate for The Academy for Private Duty Home Care and Selling Home Health Care to Physicians programs.

Resource Associates are companies that we highly recommend to our readers and our workshop participants because we have great confidence in their products, and we know that the owners of these companies are high integrity people who provide exceptional value to their customers. 

Several months later, we received this note back from Beth.

“Thank you so much for recommending David Dickie for our insurance needs.  We will save 62% this year on our liability policy and we have more coverage than our original policy!

Thank you again!


It is customer feedback like this that makes us very comfortable in recommending companies like The Solutions Group and David Dickie.  If you are interested in saving money and increasing profits for your home care company, click on the link below and check out the information on The Solutions Group.  


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