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Which Scheduling Software is Best?

Which home care scheduling software is best?  

How should I decide which program to use?

These are the questions we get frequently from clients, customers, and attendees at the live workshops sponsored Academy for Private Duty Home Care.  There’s no easy answer to these questions, but we do have some guidance for you. 

We think there are three major factors in making your decision:

  1. What functions do you need to perform?
  2. What features are needed in your software?
  3. Which companies can you trust?

The next question is, “Which company do you recommend?”

At Leading Home Care, we have asked ourselves that question and we have researched the companies that offer software specifically for private duty home care.  We also have developed personal relationships with the owners and sales people from the software companies and have identified the individuals we know and trust. 

Now, when someone asks, “Who do you recommend?” we give them three names.  

The company that we have recommended the longest is HomeTrak.  Rick Morey, CEO of

HomeTrak, has been a friend and colleague for many years.  He’s someone we have come to know and trust as a person with integrity, and with knowledge of the home care business.  Before starting HomeTrak, Rick owned and operated a number of private duty businesses in southern California.  He understands the functions you need to perform, and he has designed features into the software to get those tasks done quickly and effectively.

Rick has surrounded himself with a team of technical experts who have designed and built the software, and who continue to update the program.  They have just released a significant new update that you’ll want to take a look at. 

In future issues, we’ll share our other recommendations, but for right now, we suggest you take a close look at HomeTrak.  The feedback we get about HomeTrak from our clients, customers, readers, and Academy participants has always been positive. 

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