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Night of Champions

By Stephen Tweed

The other evening, Elizabeth and I were invited to a dinner in honor of the winning athletes from the sports teams at the University of Louisville.  Sponsored by the Fellowship of Christian Athletes at U of L, the evening was an opportunity to meet the athletes, meet the coaches, and support FCA.

If you follow college sports, you know that the U of L football team beat Florida in the Sugar Bowl,  The U of L women’s basketball team finished second to UCONN in the NCAA national championship tournament, and the U of L men’s team cut down the net and took home the trophy as NCAA basketball champions.  Tom Jurich, the U of L Athletic Director has done an amazing job of providing coaches, the facilities, and the support services to attract top athletes from around the world, and the coaches have come through by building championship teams.

At the dinner on Sunday evening, we heard from Sara Hammond from the women’s team, Teddy Bridgewater, the quarterback on the football team, Luke
Hancock who won the MVP award for the NCAA Final Four, and Peyton Siva, the record setting point guard.  We also heard a powerful message from Charlie Strong, the head football coach.

What can we learn in Private Duty Home Care?

Often when I’m speaking at a home care association conference or corporate meeting on the topic of Serving More Clients, I make reference to sports teams, players, and coaches.  Always, when I talk about Finding an Keeping Top Talent, I make reference to basketball Coach Rick Pitino and his quote,

“If there is one thing I’ve learned from professional basketball it is 
that talent wins and wins consistently.”

So if we look at these examples of high performing sports teams, what can we learn that we can apply to our private duty home care businesses?

  1. Talent wins and wins consistently – you have to get the right players on your team
  2. Teach the fundamentals – make sure you have defined the fundamentals for each phase of your home care business.
  3. Repetition and consistency – master the fundamentals by performing the same activity over and over again.
  4. Coaching is critical –  having top talent is not enough.  They need constant feedback, immediate feedback, and the right level of encouragement
  5. Keep Score – not only do these teams keep score, but they track performance of each player and capture the vital statistics.

To learn more about how to apply these concepts to your private duty home care business, I invite you to view the free videos online at The Academy for Private Duty Home Care.

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