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Top Ten Techniques for Recruiting High Quality Caregivers

If your home care company generated more than $2 million in revenue, then you are among The Leaders in our industry. The median size of The Leaders is $3,343,000. One of the factors that makes The Leaders the leaders is their ability to recruit, select, train, and retain high quality caregivers. As your company gets bigger, finding and keeping caregivers becomes more and more important.

Here are the Top Techniques used by The Leaders

1. Internet – Craig’s List
2. Internet – Career Builder
3. Employee Referral Program
4. Paid Ads Daily Newspaper
5. Word of Mouth – Referral Sources
6. Paid Ads Weekly Newspaper
7. Direct Mail Flyers
8. Internet –
9. Internet – local career web sites
10. Internet –

The top ten list for all other home care companies is different. If your company is smaller than $2 million in revenue, you will want to order your own copy of the 2013 Private Duty Benchmarking Report to see what is working for your peers and your competitors.

Leading Home Care and Caregiver Quality Assurance are proud to sponsor the recruiting and retention section of the benchmarking study. We will continue this research by exploring in more detail the key elements to successful recruiting using these top techniques. Stay tuned to Caregiver Quality Today for more information that will help you apply these top techniques. Also, stay tuned for future live web conferences on how to executive these ideas with excellence.

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