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Four Keys to Serving More Clients

There are four keys to growing your business by serving more clients:

1.  Define your competitive advantage

2.  Decide whether you will focus on consumer marketing or referral marketing

3.  Identify the top techniques in either consumer marketing or referral marketing for private duty home care.
4.  Apply these principles consistently in your strategic marketing plan.

If you would like to begin the process of mastering these four keys, they you will want to join Stephen Tweed in Chicago, IL on June 18, 2013 for the “Serving More Clients” workshop presented by The Academy for Private Duty Home Care, and co-hosted by the Illinois Home Care Council. 

When you actively engage in this interactive workshop, you will be able to …

1.  Define the seven sources of competitive advantage
2.  Discuss the differences between consumer marketing and referral marketing
3.  Describe the top techniques for marketing directly to consumers
4.  Demonstrate the six secrets of selling home care to high potential referral sources
5.  Discuss the top ten referral marketing techniques
6.  Develop and implement your own “Simple Strategic Marketing Plan”
7.  Serve more clients, bill more hours, make more money. 

Join us in Chicago for “Serving More Clients.”

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