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Two New Home Care Mastermind Groups forming at The Academy for Private Duty Home Care

It’s lonely at the top!  As the CEO or administrator of a successful home care company, you probably feel pretty good about all that you have accomplished.  Yet there are times when you wish you had someone to talk with who really understands your business, your issues, and your concerns.

Now, that opportunity is available to you through Home Care Mastermind Groups™.
Home Care Mastermind Groups™ are groups of 10 – 15 owners and CEOs of non-competing home care companies who get together on a regular basis to exchange ideas and information, solve problems, and provide support to one another. 

Purpose:  The purpose of a Home Care Mastermind Group™ is to provide a mechanism for groups of non-competing home care CEOs and administrators to get together for a confidential exchange of experiences, issues, problems, and solutions at regular meetings; and to receive the benefit of reliable comparative operating data.  The objective of each group is to help members improve the overall operating performance of their home care companies.

Our first group, The $5 Million Mastermind Group kicked off in February of 2013 with five companies that generate more than $5 million in revenue.  These company owners were excited about the opportunity to come together for two days to share ideas and insights.  Their next meeting will be in Scottsdale AZ in September, 2013. This group has decided to open its membership to three more companies.  If you are the owner of a home care company that fits this category, consider becoming a member.   

Here’s a video from the organizational meeting of the $5 Million Mastermind Group.

The $3 Million Mastermind Group is now forming.  This group will be organizing over the next several weeks.  As soon as we have ten companies that are interested in participating, we will poll the group to select a location and dates for our first meeting.

The Private Pay in Home Health Mastermind Group is also forming. This is a group of private duty home care companies that are affiliated with a home health agency, a hospice, a senior living community, or another health care organization.  If you are the CEO or Administrator of a private duty home care company that is affiliated, and you want to spend time with a group of your peers, you’ll want to explore this group.  Again, as soon as we have ten companies that are interested, we’ll schedule our first meeting. 

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