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Fun Facts About Employment

Since we are into facts and data at Caregiver Quality Assurance® and Leading Home Care, we
thought you might like these fun facts about employment.

  • When 1,500 American workers were asked about being appreciated at work, 60 percent of those surveyed say “extra thank-yous” would make them more productive.
  • Sixty-two percent of 436 respondents to a survey admit to checking work e-mail in the bathroom. 
  • According to new hiring research, the average cost of a mis-hire according to profession is as follows:
    Senior executive – 15 times their annual salary
    Mid-level manager – 10 times their annual salary
    Laboratory director – 7 times their annual salary
    Programmer – 4 times their annual salary
    Nurse – 2 times their annual salary
  • When 1,500 U.S. employees were asked “If you care for a child or older loved one, what is the one adjustment you make to your work schedule most often?” they responded
    Make phone calls and/or arrangements during the workday – 24%
    Leave work early – 22%
    Take the day off – 16%
    Arrive late to work – 14%
    Ask spouse to adjust his/her schedule – 5%
  • When 271 workers were asked: “What is the single most important program/benefit your employer could offer that would keep you working productively and happily as you get older?” the top 3 responses are:
    49% Flexible work schedule
    15% Health and wellness programs
    13% New training/learning opportunities
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