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Sales Tips for Selling to Family Decision Makers

According to our friend and co-author, Mike Sullivan, “Caregiving is hard work, especially for the oldest daughter. A number of research studies have profiled the typical family caregiver. It’s the eldest daughter, age 49 caring for her widowed mother, roughly age 79.”

As an owner, CEO, or administrator of your home care company, you use the latest techniques in sales, marketing, and public relations to make your phone ring.  Then, you need a highly effective person to answer that call, engage the caller, and schedule an in-home assessment or consultation.   Data from the 2013 Private Duty Benchmarking Report show that when you offer a free in-home visit to sit on the sofa and assess the needs of the client and the family, the conversion rate goes up to over 80%.

It doesn’t make much sense to spend a lot of time, energy, and money making the phone ring if you are not able to convert those inquiries to admissions.  Developing your skills in selling your services to the oldest daughter is critical to growing your business.

In a recent article for Retirement, Mike offered some valuable tips to help you do a better job of selling your services to family decision makers.  Here are a couple of Mike’s tips:

  • 90% of your sales effectiveness dealing with family decision-makers is based on your ability to develop rapport with family members in both generations.
  • Focus on the emotional connection between older adults and their grown children
  • Use the concept of communicating through relevant stories involving others families in similar situations.
  • Present information in ways to give them options but let them decide
  • Most of all, Boomers want help simplifying their lives. Show how you understand that.

Mike is an expert resource on communicating with Baby Boomers.  His company, 50 Plus Communications Consulting in Charlotte, NC works with senior care organizations who want to communicate effectively with baby boomers who have aging parents.

For more insights into some of these sales tips for Selling to Family Decision Makers, you will want to read his article.

You will also want to get more insights from Mike Sullivan by reading his book, “Increase Your Income Selling to Bank Trust Officers and Other Trusted Advisors” that he co-authored with Stephen Tweed just for The Academy for Private Duty Home Care®.  

There’s also a video recording from our Live Web Conference on “Selling to Bank Trust Officers and Other Trusted Advisors.”  You can view this video for no charge if you are a Premium Member of The Academy.  If not, you can also view it on a Pay per view basis.  

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