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Tips to Use Public Speaking to Promote Your Home Care Services

Research conducted by Leading Home Care and The Academy for Private Duty Home Care® shows that speaking in public to audiences of prospective customers is a highly effective marketing tool for private duty home care.  If your focus is consumer marketing, you can speak to groups of professional women, aged 45 to 65, who have an aging parent.  If your focus is referral marketing, you can speak to groups of potential referral sources.

One of the keys to making this work is being a great speaker.  You need to communicate your message effectively and be confident in your delivery.  Studying speaking can be helpful to you in growing your business.  The more effective you are as a speaker, the more effective you will be in gaining the confidence and trust of your audience and getting them to inquire about your home care services.

The Exceptional Speaker

There’s a new book out, The Exceptional Speaker, that will be very helpful to you in mastering the art and craft of speaking before an an audience. It’s called  I’d encourage you to take a look and see for yourself.  Two friends and colleagues, Alan Stevens and Paul du Toit, have just published their new book and it looks great.

Alan Stevens is an internationally known author and award winning professional speaker who lives in the UK.  Paul du Toit is an internationally known speaker and author who lives in Johannesburg, South Africa.  Together, they have crafted this new book that will be valuable to anyone who wants to further their skills for speaking in public.

For more information on this powerful new book visit their web site, The Exceptional Speaker.

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