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What Caregivers Need to Know … to provide specialized programs

One of the ways you can create competitive advantage in private duty home care is to create one or more specialty programs focused on providing services to clients with a specific chronic condition.  For example, several weeks ago we presented a live web conference with Katherine Autin on “Building a Specialty Program to Serve Patients with Parkinson’s”.  In that program, Katherine talked about the things a caregiver needs to know about the disease, and about the clients.

Now, we want to look deeper into what your caregivers need to know, and how you can train them to provide these specialized services.  By providing training for your caregivers and then building that training into the plan of care for clients with specific chronic conditions you can have meaningful conversations with referral sources about what makes you different.

For example, one new home care business owner in New England studied various chronic diseases, and concluded that persons who had experienced a stroke needed more hours of care for longer periods of time than your typical home care client.  He studied the effects of stroke on the client, including the symptoms, treatment, and red flags to watch for.  He created his specialty program and trained his caregivers. Then he went around to every physician, hospital discharge planner, nursing home, and rehab center that cared for stroke patients and presented his program. He immediately began getting referrals and growing his business.

What Your Caregivers Need to Know

To help you get a better idea of what your caregivers need to know in order to create and deliver specialty home care programs, Ginny Kenyon, Founder and CEO of Kenyon Home Care Consulting will share with you her experience in training caregivers and creating specialty home care programs.

Ginny is passionate about helping clients achieve unique success in the marketplace.  Known for her ability to produce substantial results in a short period of time, her keen understanding of the home care industry allows clients to develop and implement long-term solutions that fit organizational needs and expectations.  She holds a Masters in Nursing Administration with minors in Business and Health Services and is an accomplished writer, guest speaker, and teacher.

Join us on Thursday, October 10, 2013 at 4:00 PM eastern time for the Live Web Conference, “What Caregivers Need to Know to Provide Disease Specific Programs and Services”.

This program is free to members of the Caregiver Quality Assurance® program and to Premium Members of The Academy for Private Duty Home Care®.  You will receive an invitation to the web conference in your email.

If you are not a member of CQA or The Academy, you can register online.  

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