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Why Do You Need PATTI?

Do you need a better way to hold caregivers accountable for their time and attendance that is also efficient for billing and payroll?  If so, you should consider telephony and take a look at PATTI from The Phone Works.

PATTI is an integrated telephone and internet-based, time and attendance management solution to verify the time and attendance of your caregivers.  It gives you real time information on the status of your caregivers, and saves time and money in billing your clients and calculating your payroll.  PATTI’s time and attendance system streamlines your operations by eliminating paper time sheets and other error-prone manual processes. PATTI automates the labor-intensive processes related to manual time and attendance record keeping, and provides real-time data back to you in a manner that fits your business needs and technical specifications!

PATTI is customizable, scalable, and easily integrates with existing IT infrastructure. It is engineered to be simple to use and maintain, with virtually no training and no phone lines or “back office” databases, software, hardware, power and air conditioning to maintain!

Furthermore, here are some of the features and benefits of PATTI:

  • Tracks log-in and log-out times
  • Real time verification of current caregiver location
  • Captures name and ID of caregiver
  • Task code, discipline code and completion code tracking
  • Mileage collection
  • Travel time tracking
  • No hardware, software or telephone equipment to buy, install and maintain
  • Standard and customizable reporting
  • Reduce or eliminate no-shows and tardiness
  • Eliminates manual data entry errors and paperwork
  • Reduces administrative time, expenses and labor costs
  • And many more….

Quite simply, PATTI is the Clean, Simple & Easy-To-Use automated time and attendance management solution!

We’ve been working with Hank Schwab and The Phone Works for a number of years because he has a great product that we trust and treats his customers with the utmost respect.

Click here to find out more about PATTI as well as contact information for Hank Schwab at The Phone Works…and tell him we sent you!

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