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For Rapid Growth, Automate Everything You Can!

Over the years, we have observed that the private duty companies that grow the fastest, are the largest, and the most profitable, are those that put in place people and processes to create efficiency.  When your business operates efficiently, effectively, and consistently, you have the opportunity to focus on growth.

We’re huge fans of automating as much of your business as possible.  You need an effective scheduling software system that matches clients to caregivers and referral sources.  You need a telephony system that makes it easier and more efficient for time and attendance tracking, which speeds up your billing and payroll, and improves accuracy.  You also need a Customer Relationship Database that allows you to be in regular contact with your current and prospective referral sources, and to track the results of your sales and marketing efforts.

If you’re just starting up, or a larger home care company with multiple locations, or a company offering both home health and private duty home care, you may want to consider software from Stratis Business Systems, Inc.  Soneto, from Stratis, is a comprehensive, cloud-based home care software solution designed for successful, growing, Private Duty, Medicare Certified, and Medicaid companies.

Here are some of the areas of your business that Soneto will allow you to automate:

  • Sales & CRM. Increase referrals by better understanding and developing your referral relationships
  • Client & Caregiver Management. Increase services by better understanding and building client and caregiver relationships.
  • Scheduling & Telephony. Increase accuracy and save time by better managing your schedules.
  • Billing & Payroll Processing. Save time and increase accuracy during invoicing and payroll processing.
  • Integrated Accounts Receivable. Identify problematic payers and save time posting payments.

First released in 2008, Soneto is now 5,000 users strong…and growing.  Soneto allows you to grow your client base, scale with ease, and increase profitable growth by offering a smooth transition to the software, flexible training and unparalleled support.

Jeff Salter of Caring Senior Services says, “Using Soneto has allowed my owners and staff to be more efficient, informed, and responsive.  We have the data we need at our fingertips and it adds real value to our company.”  

Contact Stratis today and request a free demo.

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