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What Owners Want in an Applicant Tracking System

By Diane West

One of the things that many of the members of Caregiver Quality Assurance® ask about  is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). This is an online system where applicants can answer some qualifying questions and complete an application.  Then you can track their progress through the selection and hiring process.

We’ve been exploring available applicant tracking systems to see if we can find one that we can integrate with the CQA pre-employment assessment system to make it easier for you to take applications, do an initial screening, administer the CQA assessment, and document  your face-to-face interview.

In our last issue, we asked you to take a few minutes to complete a short survey about applicant tracking systems to find out what features are most important to you.

Here’s What You Told Us.

We had 24 home care business owners respond to our survey and tell us the most important features they would look for in an ATS.  Here are the top five requests:

  1. Easy to Implement – 87.5%
  2. Ease of use for applicants – 79.1%
  3. Ability to send automatic responses to unqualified applicants – 66.6%
  4. Integrates with scheduling software and /or CQA assessment – 66.6%
  5. Ability to personalize the application process – 58.3%

You also asked that it include a database of all applicants including those not selected so you’ll know who has applied previously, and why. You want a system that is easy to search for candidates to fit a specific client need.

We’ve been talking with several providers of applicant tracking systems, and with our scheduling software Resource Partners Home Trak, AppointMate, and Stratis, about integrating applicant tracking with the CQA system and scheduling software.

If you are currently using, or have found, an applicant tracking system that you think fits those requirements, please let us know so what we can check it out.  You can call me at 502-339-2132 or send an email.

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