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What Makes Your Agency Different: 2014 Competitive Advantage Survey

What makes your agency different?  In today’s highly competitive home care marketplace, differentiating your agency from your competitors is more important than ever before. 

Research conducted by Leading Home Care over the past decade has helped us identify the seven sources of competitive advantage.  The most effective ways to separate your company from the competition can be put into one of these seven categories:

Specialized Programs – Home Care programs focused on specific diseases with specialized care provided.

Exceptional Customer Experiences – You focus on giving outstanding service and making sure your patients, clients, and referral sources have an exceptional experience.

Caregiver Quality – You have a proven system for recruiting, selecting, training, and retaining high quality caregivers.

Personal Relationships – Your agency is unique because of the many personal relationships that the owners and leaders have established in the community.

Organizational Relationships – You have established formal and informal relationships with other health care organizations, and you get referrals as a result of those relationships.

Brand Awareness – You have used consumer marketing techniques to build brand awareness in your local marketplace, and our company is very will known and has a positive reputation.

Relationship Selling – You have a focused sales person or team of sales people who are highly successful in building relationships with referral sources and bringing a steady stream of new patient or client referrals.

Which of these seven sources is most important to you and your agency?  Take four minutes to complete our monthly Quick Survey.  We’ll publish the results in our next newsletter. 

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